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Who Are We

Promotech - established in 1997 - is a unique synergy of design flair, manufacturing expertise and in-depth trade marketing knowledge to provide cost effective, cutting edge POS, lighting and renewbale energy solutions. 7000 manufacturing facility and 100+ Employee providing total creative concept development, project management through to manufacturing assemblage and delivery door to door

The Facility

Our continual investment in new technology and machinery is constantly growing, with our main objective to keep all manufacturing in house. Having in-house manufacturing and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, projects are taken from concept and converted to reality through seamless development and quality controlled production. Our 7000 facility is equipped with over 100 dedicated employees with knowledge and capabilities ranging from metal through to plastics, timber and printing. This means we are not restricted to any process allowing an unbiased and broad scope in achieving a result that best suits your product

Creative Service

Our studio covers both graphic and industrial design disciplines giving us complete and ‘across the board’ design capabilities. Most importantly it provides ‘on site’ creative and technical support for your projects alleviating the disconnect often experienced with outsourced manufacturing.

All proposals reflect strong visual communication and design aesthetics, but most importantly a strong consideration and understanding of cost effective manufacturing. Our visual presentations are extremely comprehensive including 2D, 3D and photo realistic renderings to help designs cross the line.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control (QC) department is set-up with a two pronged approach- Resources Quality Control (RQC)and Production Quality Control (PQC).

The RQC team ensures all raw materials and third party components are quality checked before entering our warehouse. They are set up with a multitude of testing equipment ranging from electrical components testing through to simulated environment testing of materials.

This process is applied at the design engineering and prototyping stage and also prior to the purchasing of goods for production.The PQC team is heavily involved from the inception of the project to ensure a strong understanding of the end products function. This means a clear and defined checklist for every product from prototyping through to production, final assembly and shipment.

Human Resources

The most important role of our administration department is Human Resources. Carefully keeping the pulse on our business requirements it is charged with the ongoing development and day-to-day support of our work force.

Being a multi-disciplined manufacturing business, we endeavour to employ and maintain only the highest calibre of experienced staff in each of our departments.

Our Patents

PromoTech combines modern technologies with authentic craftsmanship and has always step towards innovation by continuously renewing the market in which it operates. Our 20 product patents are the proof of our journey towards a better future. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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